Single erlangen kostenlos Are the jonas brothers dating anyone

She had to force him to brush his teeth and said she could never 69 with him because he was so lax about wiping his ass. I was newly out and it was only my 3rd or 4th time in a gay bar.I liked Shane the best of the brothers, but I was so shy and new to the scene that I don't think I even said anything when he spoke to me. I also remember they had a really funny queen named Sofonda Peters in the show lineup that night. Other than that awkward moment, though, he couldn't have been nicer. I will say though, I don't remember Shane smelling bad. They were all born in Germany in rapid succession of American missionary parents, apparently.Shane was obviously the gay for pay leader in his short sets.r107, not to burst your bubble but Shane Rollins also married a woman upon retiring from porn.

I later found out he was the "guest" of a major designer who flew him in as a "birthday present" for himself.

Evidently the party was one for the ages with Rockland being worshipped by a steady stream of famous fans.

I kept it short, I was actually nervous speaking to him, was surreal because I was probably whacking off to him 72 hours earlier!

It became apparent he was heading in wrong direction, he was trying to get to West Village, gave him directions for correct train, he thanked me five times and hopped off, oh that ass as he stepped off, he wasn't as tall as I thought, but those muscles were the real deal, he seemed VERY powerful, never met anybody with that presence before or since, really was a stunner.

Shane's real name is Wolfgang and he lives in Portland, OR and works in the aerospace industry.

Vince's real name is Eberhard and lives in Los Angeles. Hal's real name is Helmut and he lives in Denver and works in construction.

Chi Chi kept up the drugs and Hal kept up the scenes. Wow, this thread brings back those "Rockland" memories, I met Hal, on the 6 train back in '97 or '98, was stunned at how handsome he was in person.

I was living on the UES at the time and was heading uptown to my apartment, as we pulled into 59th Street, I was looking out the door window and BOOM, train stops, there's Hal Rockland!

He also tricked and one of his johns got him a job at Boeing.

I don't know if he's still there but she said he was very smart.

Very friendly -- would come out and chat between sets -- but made it very clear that he was straight.