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Dr Alawi told the Independent: 'The Prophet Muhammad's grave is venerated by the mainstream Sunni, who would never do it.It is just as important for the Shia too, who venerate the Prophet's daughter, Fatima.The punishment was later revoked on the personal orders of then-King Abdullah.

A 19 year-old woman, known as the "Girl of Qatif", was with a male friend in his car when she was driven off and gang-raped by a group of men.She was sentenced to prison and lashes for being alone with a man not related to her - a violation of the kingdom's strict segregation of the sexes.Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam in May 2014.One of the most high-profile cases internationally, it began when Badawi was arrested for co-founding the Liberal Saudi Network internet discussion group, which encouraged debate about religious and political issues.Other men who appeared in a panel discussion on the show, as well as an LBC journalist and cameraman, were also arrested.

In 2000, Reuters reported that a group of teenage boys faced public floggings and possible prison terms for loitering outside girls’ schools and “pestering” members of the opposite sex.Authorities later claimed she admitted to having an extra-marital affair.A Saudi Arabian man, 24, was sentenced to three years in jail and 450 lashes after he was caught using Twitter to arrange dates with other men.International rights organisations and charities have condemned the processes by which the kingdom reaches death sentence verdicts, and says it fails to reserve them for the most serious crimes.The humorous clips show Abu Sin and Christina, 21, chatting from their homes in California and Saudi Arabia, battling language differences between English and Arabic and jokingly declaring their love for one another.He said he had bought the sweets at a duty-free shop during a stopover in Bahrain, and wasn’t aware of their alcoholic content.