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This week I have set up a new blog for posting articles using Wordpress.This blog is easier to read and allows for reader comments or questions to be posted at the end.who manufacture narcotics and opiates that are directly contributing to the national health crisis that is taking 175 lives every day.

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Thank you for having responded to my call." Dec 17 update - Case Reports Garlic and The Singers Remedy Case Report #1 Conrad Le Beau The following formula was told to me recently by Jeff, a Milwaukee resident, who sets up music and entertainment equipment for events in the Milwaukee area.

He called it the Singers Remedy for a hoarse throat. The formula is to take 6 cloves (toes) of raw garlic that are peeled and place them in a pot with about 2 or 3 cups of water.

I don't like being cornered by big corporations including Adobe, so I am returning to using Wordpress, a free software program for designing websites that I had used briefly several years ago.

I had to purchase a one year license to use Dreamweaver so I could access several files already set up in the Dreamweaver software. An online article explains how to use Kratom although the article does not state that heroin and fentanyl addicts can safely use it to overcome their addiction.

Is raw garlic the missing piece of the AIDS cure puzzle?

Scientific research on Aged Garlic, NK cells, CD4/CD8 ratios and AIDS.

For now, two different styles of web pages will appear until I am able to make the complete transition to using Wordpress. If they did, the FDA and DEA gestapo would move in to seize the herbs and remove them from the market.

The FDA and DEA actions are protecting the market monopolies of the pharmaceutical Corps.

Also do yourself a favor and obtain a printed copy of the Immune Restoration Handbook. Your purchase will help you with an priceless source of self-help health information, and it helps funds our efforts to reach more people.

Miraculous water, prayer books and ebooks are also available.

You may have to travel to an adjoining state to obtain some for personal use.