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Many of Jim’s storylines revolved around his children (or unknown children) and his potential girlfriends.

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Anne Charleston played the first major matriarch character, of Madge Bishop, from 1986-1992, and then again from 1996-2001.Madge Bishop originally left the series after she had lost her love, Harold Bishop. However, 5 years later she got a phone call that said Harold is alive, and he had suffered from amnesia. However, in 2001, Madge was diagnosed with cancer, which ultimately led to her demise.Eventually, Darcy proposes and to everyone’s surprise she accepts.However, she contacts one of his ex-girlfriends, Alice Jamison, after which she decides to not go through with the wedding.She briefly made an appearance again in 2015 as an apparition.

Since leaving the show, Anne Charleston has continued to act.As one of the longest running shows in TV history, the show has had a lot of phenomenal cast members.Check out where some of your favorite Erinsborough residents are today.Fiona Hartman had first found his body, but fled so she could take all his money.After leaving Neighbors, Alan had various roles in TV series.She landed various roles on TV shows and in live stage productions.