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“We’re always down to be together,” creator Steve Franks said during the panel.

She is one of the stars of a current hit network TV show.Similar: Split Timing Funny: Beauty: Wholesome: Wholesome’s Musical Ex-Husband: Clues: [Optional] Do you think Wholesome and Funny make a good couple?We actually talked about their breakup in a previous blind item. After they get a little more distance from their past relationships, the timing will finally be right for them to make this relationship public! She would best be described as sweet and wholesome.Lawson attended Assumption High School, an all-girls Catholic school, and even co-hosted the WDRB Fox 41 Kid’s Club in an American detective comedy-drama television series in which Lawson played a junior detective for the Santa Barbara Police Department.

The show had developed a cult following even though it went off the air after its eighth season on March 26, 2014.

Lawson filed for divorce in early 2017 and stopped wearing her wedding ring to public events, making it very clear that she wanted a separation from her husband, Koldyke.

She even removed “wife” from her Twitter bio and then proceeded to change her Instagram username from “@maggielawsonkoldyke” to “@magslawslawson” in late 2017.

is co-written by creator and director Franks ranks with Roday.

It is executive produced by Franks, Roday and Hill, Chris Henze of Thruline/Tagline TV and Kelly Kulchak.

He was in a long-term relationship with a beautiful TV actress who was also on the show. After Wholesome got together with Funny, this is what happened: Beauty left Funny and married someone else… Yes, those two broken relationships are related to each other!