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Kang Dong Won and Song Hye Kyo first met in 2008 to film an independent film.

And those strategizing skills come in handy at the office.

It's fitting that ZE: A's Im Si Wan should play someone smart as he studied mechanical engineering at Busan University.

We checked with Kang Dong Won, and he said he has never met the actress.

He now even feels sorry for her as the rumors keep on circulating.

However, the rumor has came back with more false information as it said Kang Dong Won and the actress were introduced by a friend who is a well-known singer.

SEE ALSO: Kang Dong Won cast in Hollywood movie 'Tsunami LA' YG Entertainment responded, "This is absolutely not true.Im Si Wan plays worker Jang Geu Rae on the drama "Misaeng." He plays a worker with only a GED but he's no dummy.His character's ability to strategize had him on track to become a professional baduk player.Surely women would wait in line forever for a chance at that 20% though!The thing about Korea though, is that the society in itself is so hypocritical x D I know coz my parents are like that.It's a classic, so we're highlighting it for this week's Throwback Thursday.