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An oil massage gives the best chance at extras, since it requires that customers be fully nude.Of course it’s most common at places with private rooms.

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Those who build up a rapport with the women they like do best.Those who don’t want to put in any time at all find that places like Island Bar on Street 118 and Cyrcee (mentioned below) are best.Customers decide whether or not to pay or try to negotiate.Woman who give out high prices are often starfish in bed.Smart customers keep their eyes and ears open at all times.

The standard rate with these girls is 10-15 dollars for a short time adventure.

Customers may find a gem once in a while, but they normally don’t expect much.

Many of the freelance girls are on drugs and or like to grab anything they can get their hands on.

Drinks for customers cost a dollar or two and lady drinks cost about three and a half dollars.

Customers can talk, order food, play pool, or do whatever they want within reason. At any point customers can start inquiring about take out.

A long time (overnight) can run anywhere from 30 to 50 dollars.