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Shinachiku Uzumaki stands in his way, but a familiar face from another world will soon come into the boy's life and things may never be the same.

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(FACEBOOK LINK DOWN BELOW) Naruto Manga Chapter 671 comes out in a couple of weeks & today I wanted to discuss a pretty sought out question as of late!Naruto and Sakura stood there, completely flabbergasted. Kakashi noticed that his student, Naruto Uzumaki, was feeling down on something on their way to Suna after they rescued Gaara.There stood a girl with determined blue eyes, claiming to be the daughter of Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. you never had sex with me without me knowing, did you? After Kakashi confronts him later on about it he gets a little shocker and a night full of stories of a hidden love. Emiya Kiritsugu had chosen to destroy the Grail which caused the destruction of a large part of the city.An old Senju finds him and trains him for a year until he passes away. Naru Harem One night a mysterious figure drops off a baby boy in front of the Hokage's door.Naruto then moves on to become a known bounty hunter. Tsunade leaves it to Sakura and Naruto to take care of the baby but what they soon find out is that the baby isn't a normal baby.Most of the time, these are about the status of a certain fanfiction(s), and I really want to know if you are still writing that fanfiction(s), if you have put them on hiatus, or if you have discontinued them.