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alums have released aggressively Auto-Tuned singles after sashaying away from the show, but few of them have proven to have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to become real-life pop stars.[Related: An Exclusive Interview With Danny Noriega]But interestingly, two of this just-wrapped season's alums a la the Nails doing "88 Lines About 44 Women." The result?

The super-dirrty "Ru Girl." This one's totally NSFW (even if you happen to work at Logo TV or World of Wonder), but you can watch the always-controversial Alaska's un Ru Paulogetically seedy video HERE.7.

A lot of the songs that appear on Showbiz, were written on Matthew's nan's basement with damp down the walls, egg boxes up them and weird shiny black spiders, which inspired Muse around that time musically.

The UK and US promo CDs are held between two pieces of perspex, one engraved with the Muse logo, bolted down the middle.

The aforementioned CD originally came with a special perspex spanner.

The problem becomes communicating with people," Wolstenholme explains.

"Then again, on the other hand, the Internet and e-mail have made that easier. Our songs could seem negative from the outside, but it's uplifting for me.

While attempted in sessions, the vocals were too difficult for Matt to get a sound to his liking, so it was abandoned, only to be finished in January of 2000 as a Japanese bonus track.

Other songs such as Pink Ego Box (then known as Instant Messenger) were considered but ultimately left for b-side release as the band didn't think they were good enough for album inclusion.

The songs themselves included some of the older songs in Muse's repertoir, dating as far back as 1996. These were among the "fifty or so" that Muse had written before entering the studio.

The band picked those which they deemed least progressive to make up Showbiz.

The recording had finished by the 15th of May 1999.

Thirteen songs were recorded for album release, with Spiral Static being the one not to make it on the album.

It's about sharing experiences." The booklet which comes with the album does not have lyrics on it, but instead, a line from each song is cited in bold letters.