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I’m passionate about drawing, music and I asure you I could live on tea, hugs and smiles.”The pitch: “? I like your travels, and that you like the south 🙂 How long have you been in Buenos Aires?] The first encounter: Plaza de Mayo, stairs of the cathedral, under the eternal flame that marks the resting point of Argentina’s liberator, General José de San Martín.” [Hi, how are you you? I’m a psychologist and I work in human resources] The first encounter: Paseo La Plaza, a stand-up comedy theater and café complex next door to my apartment building, which was close enough for me to hear the audience laughing through my wall during the shows.I thought this was one of those things for which there was unlikely to be any significant literature: I’d collected all the pieces together from scattered footnotes.

A quick pop-cultural aside: the song “Eternal Flame” was written by hugely successful American songwriter Billy Steinberg with Tom Kelly and Susanna Hoffs (of The Bangles).The inspiration for the song came from an eternal flame seen by Bangles’ bass-player Michael Steele burning at Gracelands in Elvis Presley’s memory, as well as from one at a Palm Springs synagague Steinberg had seen when very young.My favorite part was a perspective photo session at the giant flower landmark in Buenos Aires’ Parque de Naciones Unidas in Recoleta, which is another popular tourist spot in the city. Our second date was to FIT, an annual travel industry trade show in Buenos Aires. Profile sample: “I’m crazy about walking, if you know my city, I’ve walked from Belgrano to San Telmo and that’s just fine for me, so, now you know one of my skills.”The pitch: “I’m a local from Buenos Aires, a Porteño.Then, at dinner in Chinatown, the deal breaker was revealed–he still lived at home with his parents. I’d love to meet you and share a little of my culture, I also enjoy improving my English and why not teach you some Porteño useful phrases.”The first encounter: Kilkenny Irish Pub, El Retiro.Strike three was a borderline creepy move–he gifted me a small candy bar of pure From: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Profile sample: “I love playing with the fire, hearing the thunders, walking down the rain, staring at the clouds and playing with autumm tree leaves, im kind of enthusiast of lost causes, “but im not the only one” ..

I really enjoy altering the environment I live into a better place for everyone/everything and so for me..Though “Eternal Flame” was produced by Simon Cowell, I won’t hold that against it.🙂 But historically, claims of actual eternal flames go back a very long way: in my book, I mentioned briefly that many in the Renaissance believed a “perpetual light” burned in the Temple of Vesta in Ancient Rome.Strike one on this date was the place–overpriced drinks served by foreigners to tourists shouting above the overbearing classic rock.Strike two was the language–he kept reverting to English.Rather than tap into ready-made expat communities, I decided to get to know people and explore the city through online dating. Its sub-neighborhoods have names like “Palermo Hollywood” and “Palermo Soho,” and their own variations of ‘cool’. Profile sample: “I am kind of smart, funny, and a geek :)”The pitch: “I’m writing you because I want to practice my english, I use it a little at work with clients (I work in computing) but I’m afraid it is getting a little ‘rusty.'”The first encounter: Plaza Armenia, on the bench in front of the swings, Palermo.