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In an era of social media, dating apps and third wave feminism, traditional dating practices must be negotiated amidst the changing tide.

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No matter, if you're not a teenager they can't stop you from watching Nev and Max claim their well-deserved prize when the awards show airs Aug. Catfish is casting for its next season right now, so if you think you've been catfished or are catfishing somebody, apply and confront it head-on.Interestingly enough, a lot of times it's not the catfish victim, but the catfish perpetrator, who reaches out to the show.The happy couple of Nev and Max have been dually nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Reality Personality - Male.You can vote for them every day — but only if you are between the ages of 13 and 19, because the Teen Choice Awards take the whole teen thing seriously. Although it's not surprising that the show was renewed, we are pumped that both Nev Schulman and his silver fox sidekick, Max Joseph, will be back with more crazy real-life tales of the perils of Internet dating.

Update: Catfish Season 4 will premiere on Wednesday, Feb. No premiere date has been announced yet — which makes sense since it was just officially announced (and unofficially announced by Nev) that it was going to be renewed.This pacy, varied and very funny show is certainly one of the must-sees of the Edinburgh comedy scene. Make sure you see this show if you're at the Fringe this year. The show is an entertaining series of satirical and witty comedy sketches regarding dating from the medieval to the modern day. The acting is slick and assured, with a punchy script and effective coreography bringing out the best in the cast.The writing is sharp and clever, the acting first-class and the direction of a very high standard indeed. The audience was in stitches and a good time was had by all. A decidedly younger and ‘hipper’ crowd gathered around a small table at the centre of The C Royale stage.I feel this aspect addresses the known-ness of a thing and the limitations of merely seeing something, and is my response to a world which is increasingly about virtual experience.An original sketch comedy performed by Oxford University students, satirising the trials and tribulations of modern dating.Reports of inappropriate content or copyright infringement can be directed to [email protected]