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And here too Billy was totally irresponsible to allow himself to be put into such a position.

He has lost everything he worked to achieve, and he achieved so much, but ultimately it is his fault as well and now he will continue to suffer the outcome of this event.

The victim was only just starting to train with them at that time.

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It was also interesting that the victim's father refused to allow her to speek to the Henry County Police Department or her hometown police department unless the family friend/lawyer was present.Interview tapes showed her being coached by the family frien/lawyer during the interview process, and often times was cued, guided, redirected with her answer by the detective who handled the case.As Boortz always said..."Don't believe me, go look for yourself. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.In Doodie, Veritas."You might be a little thin-skinned for this forum". He was found guilty on the charge of allegedly providing his victim with a sex toy for his own pleasure.

Even so the jury was divided on that matter and debated it for a great deal of time but finally ruled guilty. Also brought into evidence was that the victim had several issues with drugs, alcohol and other disfunctions.

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The following post is a lengthy one and I apologize for that.

Sentencing is next Friday, mandatory sentencing rules in Georgia could get him from 5 to 20 years in prison, a Felony Conviction, no parole for watching a girl play with herself with a"toy" that they alleged he provided her but could never prove. Part 3 -As to those toys, on the stand, it was verified that they actually did belong to someone else who used to live and visit that household.

My pet peeve about this issue is the media and uninformed bloggers who were never in the courtroom for the duration of the trial.

All those child porn pictures on his computers and cell phones? They did forensic testing of tons of SD cards, hard drives, computer server data bases and nothing was found.