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At the same time it must be noted that there is no obligation to formerly and explicitly have before one's mind a motive which will immediately relate our actions to God.

Picture from 1874 of the former Schnitger in Magedeburg St. 18 december 2014Case and some pipework of Arp Schnitger discoverd in the church of Deyelsdorf 14 november 2014CD of Johan Brouwer in Nieuw-Scheemda added to the discography.

1 november 2014CD's of Joseph Kelemen added to the discography.

Plans are made to make a reconstruction of the organ in 2017.

More information at Article in "Het Orgel" 1897/01 about the changes by van Dam in 1898 tot the organ in Sneek. New book about the organ in Pellworm: 300 Jahre Arp-Schnitger-Orgel Alte Kirche St. Luth Kirchengemeinde Pellworm 2011 EP from 196x organist Piet Post organ and Harry Sevenstern trumpet at the organ of the Michaeliskerk Zwolle.

See New CD of Peter Westerbrink in Noordbroek added to the discography News about the organ in Borstel. Pankratius Neuenfelde decided to restore the organ in the future by Christian Wegscheider from Dresden.The organ of Hollern will be inaugurated at Bibliography organ Zwolle Grote Kerk Schnitger Birthday in 2011 See PDF. Cover of the recording from Fritz heitman from 1938 at Berlin-Charlottenburg added to discography. New photos for Hollern and Mittelnkirchen by Geert Jan Pottjewijd New photos for Stade St.

The organ of the Aa-kerk in Groningen returns after a restoration by Reil. News about the restoration of the organ in Hollern More information about the restoration of the organ in Hollern can befound at On this website is plannend to present a live-stream of the organ-presentation and Martin Bcker's concert. New CD from Bob van Asperen (Froberger) in Norden added to the discography. Wilhaldi by Geert Jan Pottjewijd New photos for Stade St.

gluttire , to swallow, to gulp down), the excessive indulgence in food and drink.

The moral deformity discernible in this vice lies in its defiance of the order postulated by reason, which prescribes necessity as the measure of indulgence in eating and drinking.

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4 january 2018New CD Orgellandschaften 8 by NOmine added to the discography17 december 2017The Arp Schnitger reconstruction by Bernard Edskes in the Lutheran church of Groningen has been inaugurated at 31 octber 2017. Recording by Sietze de Vries in Moreira on Youtube: https://

More information of the organ in Glckstadt (Now in Burg, Fehmarn)5 november 2015New cd "Franz Tunder in perspectief" Volume 2 from Peter Westerbrink in Noordbroek and Anloo 31 october 2015Schnitger copy 2011 in Pinerolo Chiesa Parrocchiale Madonna di Fatima 21 october 2015The contract for the Arp Schnitger reconstruction in Groningen Lutherse kerk has been signed.