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The series utilized a rotating ensemble of supporting actors who backed Byner up in his sketches.Besides Einstein, this group included Philip Akin, Harvey Atkin, Billy Barty, Cynthia Belliveau, Jack Duffy, Jayne Eastwood, Barbara Hamilton, John Hemphill, Barry Flatman, Keith Knight, Don Lake, Kathleen Laskey, Kate Lynch, Pat Morita, Debra Mc Grath, Mike Myers, Earl Pennington, Melissa Steinberg, Billy Van, Steve Weston, and Wayne and Shuster alumnus Tom Harvey.The "adult" version has not aired on television since the Showtime airings and original syndication ceased in the late 1980s.

The CTV version of Bizarre aired on The Comedy Network from 1997-2003, originally airing the entire series before airing only select episodes from 2000 until the show was dropped from The Comedy Network's schedule.

In 2008 the show was sold to TV Land Canada, later Comedy Gold, a classic TV channel in Canada.

The show was hosted by John Byner, and produced by CTV at the CFTO Glen-Warren Studios in suburban Toronto for first-run airing in Canada on CTV and in the United States on the Showtime premium cable network.

The series featured slapstick sketches, monologues, TV parodies, and performances by guest stand-up comics.

TV Land Canada aired the show as a marathon on New Year's Day 2009.

The show was dropped from Comedy Gold's schedule in August 2011.

As usual for Bizarre, the Super Dave sketches contained coarse language, but led to a spin-off series (Super Dave) with a more family-friendly style.

Two versions of the show were produced: episodes that aired on the Showtime cable network in the United States contained nudity and coarse language.

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John Byner Bob Einstein Philip Akin George Allen Harvey Atkin Cynthia Belliveau Tanya Boyd Dave Broadfoot George Buza Lally Cadeau Christine Cattell George Cowan Jennifer Dale Richard Dawson Laura Dickson Jack Duffy Jayne Eastwood John Evans Astrid Falconi S. Fellowes Barry Flatman Redd Foxx David Fraser Candace Frazee Brian George Luba Goy Nonnie Griffin Lori Hallier Barbara Hamilton Tom Harvey John Hemphill Laura Henry Ken James Keith Knight Mimi Kuzyk Don Lake Kathleen Laskey Carrie Leigh Cec Linder Ziggy Lorenc Kate Lynch Jack Newman Pat Marsden Viki Matthews Annie Mc Auley Debra Mc Grath Julie Mc Leod Sherry Miller Pat Morita Mike Myers Kathy Nagy Mark Parr Suzie Pellman Earl Pennington Donnelly Rhodes Dar Robinson Laura Robinson Wayne Robson Mary Beth Rubens Saul Rubinek Elijah Siegler Sharolyn Sparrow Beau Starr Melissa Steinberg Eric Taslitz Dave Thomas Theresa Tova Billy Van Mike Walden Irene Walters Roberta Weiss Steve Weston Michael Wincott Bizarre is a Canadian sketch comedy television series that aired from 1980 to 1986.

Sketches containing nudity were censored for Canadian television and syndication by the inclusion of reverse angle scenes originally filmed from behind nude actors (generally women baring their breasts) or else alternate scenes that had been filmed with the models wearing a bra.