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Spike however happens to be an enthusiasts of pornographic web sites and one of them happens to be Joanne's site.

What begins as a simple kinky escapade turns into infatuation.

I guess it would be a shame to make a skin flick with actors who wont look good naked in front of the camera.

Its the same comment I would give if I wrote a review on his earlier film tatarin (Nick Juaquin should sue Aguiluz for his lame brained adaptation of his short story).

I honestly did not know how to begin reviewing this movie, because there really is nothing much to review.

Bottom line is, Tikoy Aguiluz should have saved money by making a documentary regarding on-line pornography.

Because there is really not much entertainment value in this movie.

A Filipino-American girl escapes the consequences of her State-side abortion by going back to her home country.

With relatives not so happy to see her, Joanna tries to make sense of her life.

Let me just begin by stating the plot of this Movie.

Joanne (Palermo) is an Americanized filipina who comes back to the Philippines, to live with her somewhat estranged Aunt and cousin, after her Boyfriend in LA impregnates her.

Estrada and Deleon's, acting was a bit rusty on this one, but Macedas portrayal of a computer nerd is definitely an all time worst.

The way I see it spike is a nerd, has a very poor self esteem, that is why he prefers to spend most of his time in front a computer.

Lets be clear about one thing, as an audience we have to care what will happen to the characters at the end.