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Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Azpíboz, SbíSor Don Mavcel de, Fallbcimibsio sbl 505 Bibuoqbap U: Venezuela — Arbitraieb venezolanos de 1903" 251 Informe del agente de loe Eeladoe Unidos ante la Comisión de Recla- maciones Venezolana- Am encana 1 251 Bepúblicft de Costa Rica* 28 Bo Lm* : Bonofldel Est&do, ley «obre emisión de* 10 Comercio exterior, 19030 11,269 Ley sobre emisión de bonos del Estado* 10 Libra esterlina, valor cancelat«río de 269 Bsasil: Inmigi Bdón, 1875-1901 21 Ley de marcas de fábrica, nueva" 270 Límites, tratado de, con Ecuador" 32 Marcas de íábrica, nueva ley de" 270 Tratado de límites con Ecuador" 32 Cni LE: Aziicar, industria délo 282 Componías de s^uroe, ley sobre" 279 Ley sobre aplazamiento de conversión me Uílica " 520 Colohsia: Dineroe para contratos 277 Salinas de la República o 21 Co MSBCio DEi-t Ghan Bbbta Sa CON Ambhica, 1904 309 Co NVBScióN Postal KNTEE México Ï Canadá" 544 Co KVBNCióN Rbspbcto al Ejbbcicio ug lab Profesiones Liberales con Ebpa Ra" 294 Convenio sobre Validez db Títulos Académicos entre Guatemala ï Ebpa Ra" 288 Co OTA Bica: Aduanas, producto de, abril-diciembre, 1904-5 278 14''219 r-'" 1 -^^— '' L.,iz.d, Google IV ÍNDICE DEL TOMO XIX. At the spot destined for ûie establislunent of the factory for nitro- glycerin and dynamite two wooden booses hare been built for the fin- ishing of the dynamite and eighteen rooms for the packing thereof. SS 126 IMTERNATIONAL BUREAU OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS. Tbe following table shows tbe number of mines or cbims in tbe Republic, compiled from official sources: Gold 1,2« 109 Antimony Salph Dr 2.403 ],ce2 Slver and copper Go^ Copper Cinnaliar Iron 349 78 39 Peat Total It can be confídently asserted that more than 10 per cent of the mines enumerated in the foregoing table are now being exploited. To the value shown in the foregoing table maj be added the values of the following products: Peru Tltin pvunds.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Ct TBA: Pagino, Extradición, tratado de, con loe Estados Unidos" 514 InmigraciüD, 1904 " 28 Mataderoe, estad (áticas de loe, primer eemestre de 1904! A tunnel has been also built to facilitate the access to the various before-mentioned departments. The increase during the first six months of 1903-4, aa compared with 1902-3, rose to *4,437,743.94. 1; S •9,178.232.68 9,741.130.32 »,3S6 From these figures it is seen that the increase in the production of copper during 1903-4 has amounted to 1551,437.64 silver. In a recent report, the United States Consul at Callao calls attention to the possible opening in that district for cotton gins and presses. SM » M ■i S i i.m s « 74 9 B-l ÍM 2 as i; 43 5 00 '£ 1. 4,919 99 ¿667 7 21 Î311 7 17 41066 8 19 fi, W7 S 91 SJl Jt 9 44 llioïî 1 17 ^ a. The output from these mines, according to the careful and detailed estimate made by Mr. 2,466 tone of borates, conl Aining W per cent of boric arid 22,194 25,440 tons of cmde petroleum, and 11,639 tons of by-prodac U derived from the «me 149,290 11,636.9 tons of common salt 17,637 Total 189,121 The value of the miscellaneous productã not enumerated in the fore- going tables, conijisting of coal, sulphur, and other mineral produc- tions, amounted to 1,396,254 Peruvian pounds.

La cuarta es una "Lista de los principales comerciantes importadores y exportadores de la Repú- blica." Y la quinta tiene por título: "Movimiento marítimo: Limón y Pun til- A renas." El hecho de haber llegado e^ite folleto, á poder del Bolf.tíx, á última hora, y casi en cl momento de salir para la imprenta, impide darse de él en este número una idea más completa. 29 lalidadês y sexos, en loe dos aùoij que terminan rcspcotimmente el 30 de Judío de 1903 y el 30 dej nnio de 1904, resulta lo que stgiie: n^^ïïiw. («') Los artículos elaborados sin aviso á la Recaudación. ') Los que se fabriquen ó vendan en lugares en que esta ley lo prohibe. A,, has established a factory at Tinaja, in the Partido of Mapimi, in the Stat« of Durango, and at no great distance from the Central Mexican Railroad, this spot having been chosen in order to be as near as possible to the center of the mining regions of the country. The following reports arc furnished the International Bureau of the American Republics by the various Latin-American consular officers at the ports mentioned: The Consul-Gencral of Mexico at New York reports that during the month of November, 1904, 12 vessels proceeding from Mexican ports entered the harbor of New York, bringing 118,029 packages of mer- chandise.

En Chámeza comprando los bosques adyacentes y dándolos en los mismos términos ú colonos que quieran á establecerse en aquel desierto. O de ahrtl de 190^, relativa á hi iwait^ación de Ion tnnttis por ciento de recirgo. I.t OS.] Ell virtud de la presente Kesoluciôn, la recaudación de los tantos por ciento de recargo, respecto de los artículos expresados en la tarifa de Recargo Municipal, deberá seguirse efectuando sobre cl produeido del 84 per ciento de aforo de dichos artículos. These exports consisted of the following products: silver.» "«1 M. It exceeds the 1903 yield by 223,000,000 bushels and has a farm value of 4,592,639 greater. (1,087.461.440 a25, Cll,37î 279,000,013 SÎSŒ ¿sa SÎSS 5î,st«,»a 1 Si;»77 S fll,fl«5 i| Í IS 11,6-27 tl,017,m7,3« i»;496, M2 n.m.-m 6«,oae, SM «0,172,600 Following are comparisons of crops and acreage: Wheal. Numerous maps and illustration:: add interest to the articles in reference.

En Chita se puede fomentar vendiendo ó arrendando los bosques nacionales por lotes de poca extensión, mediante ciertas obligaciones. The Mexican Consul at Nogales reports that the value of Mexican products exported from the Eepublic of Mexico to the United States through Nogales in Norember, m04, amounted to 1,050,401 pesos. It shows a corn crop that has been but twice exceeded, namely, by the 1899 crop (as figured by the census) of 2,666,440,000 bushels, and by the 1903 crop of 2,523,648,000 bushels. (The symbol ^ iudlcales a gift lo Ibe llbreiy.] MISCELLANEOUS. Luciano: Idioma nacional de los Argentinos por el Dr. Among the countries of Latin America, Bolivia, Mexico, and Peru are specifically noted bj- reason of their value as luiocral-producing coimtries, while the United States has its seveml sections described in detail.

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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. The manufactory's capacity of production is considerable, being able to furnish the wholecountry with its prodncts, and this will increase according to requirements of the market. During the Aaœe period 11 vessels cleared from the port of New York, carrying 184,755 packages of merchandise, destined to Mexican ports.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Eight ovens have been erected for the prepañug of sulphuric acid, each oven capable of producing 1,500 kilograms of monohydrated sulphuric acid every twenty-four hours. It is, however, a well-known fact that many of the sulphides, as well as a larj^c part of the argentiferous ores exported, contained lead. The report is for the month of November, 1904, with a comparative statement for the corresponding month of the pre- vious year; also for the eleven months ending November, 1904, as com- pared ,with the same period of tlie preceding year.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. In consequence this factory is capable of producing 12,000 kilograms of sulphuric acid per day, which can be increasect when the need occurs. The production of lead annually in the exported ores containing more than 10 per cent lead is 1,302 tons. It should be explained that the figures from the various custom-houses showing imports and exports for any one month are not received at the Treasury Department until about the 20th of the following month, and some time is necessarily consumed in compilation and printing, so that the returns for November, for example, are not published until some time in January.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. ' .' 29 Tratado de extradición con los Estados Unidos " 514 Disci Rson Ei. The Mexican Central Bailroad has built a branch line to the manufactory, which will facilitate the trans- port of the dynamite and explosives for distribution to all parts of the country. The increase of the first sis months of 1902-3 over the production of the same period in 1901-2 was ,350,000. The mining of antimony is beginning to be carried on in Mexico, which up to the present was not done at all. The following are excepted from the tax, subject to an order from the Government in each case: Articles intended for the personal use of the diplomatic service; Those for the use of foreign men-of-war lying in ports of the Republic; Those exported direct from the places of production or deposit, 134 INTEBITATIONAL BUBEAU OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLICS. The present cotton crop of the Department is small, but there is a growing interest in cotton planting (cbíeñy of the class known com- mercially as " Peruvian rough "), and it is probable that with the main- tenance of high prices there will be a much increased production. Losedo, is shown as follows: Obtained irom registered Obtained from the natives Exporte ÍD oree and con- centrat«e Exports in Rtnelter prod- SÎ1 ver — Con ti nued . 198 170,804 Copper: In Bi^ntiferou B copper mattes 5,334,569 In argentiferous copper oree 4,160,060 In cementa 11, 954 9,496,583 Silver: In bars Jí In sulphides 31 In snndiy ores - - - . 3f In mattes 4S In copper oree 13 In lead orea 11 In other oree cootùning te Mi S Tbe values of the foregoing productions are shown in tíie following table: Id argentiferous oree 1,125,836 In argentfferooii lead bul- - lion 178,529 Quitnllt T. The Peruvian pound is the exact equivalent of the pound sterling. T8 OF RUBBER AND CAOITTCHOVC FBOM Itt TJITOS IK 1903.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Presidente Roosevelt, 4 de uabzo de 1905" 508 Ecuador: Arancel, modiflcaeiones del — Ley de aduanas " 531 Caucho, prima por plañía de 33 Comercio con San Francisco, 1904 » 286 Tratado de límites co D Brasil" 32 Elbctiók Presidencial es los Estados Unidos" 1 Eotaixih Unidos: Aspfroz, Señor Don Manuel de, fallecimienlo del 505 Comercio con Espana, 186&-1904 ^ 288 Comercio con la América latina- Noviembre de 1903 y 1904 34 Dicienibre de 1903 y 1904 287 Enero de 1904 y 1905 638 Exportacián de manu Cacturas, 1904 536 Extradición, tratado de, con Cuba" 514 Manufacturas, exportación de, 1904 636 Presidente Roosevelt, discurso del, 4 de marzo de 1905 6C8 Presidente Roosevelt, clecci Mineral industry 431 United States- Agriculture in the United Btatea 66& Isthmian Canal Commiesion, first annual report of the 42^ Mineral industry 431 Notes and impresión of the United States (Spanish) 171 Santo Domingo and the United Sutes 663- Venezuela — Industrial and conunercial outlook in Venezuela 429 M iscellajieous — Banana culture and transportation 431 Danger of introducing the boll weevil (German) 173 Mineral industry of the world 431 Panama Canal and its problems 431 Panama Canal at sea level, construction of the-. 00 Conversion bill " 684 Cnetoms receipts of Iquique, November, 1904 317 Cu Htome revenue, 1904" 582 Harbor works at Valparaiso, constractionof" 98 Iquique, customs receipts of, November, 1904 317 Iron industry, concession ( 1 1 1 s s 1i 1 18 OFICINA INTERNACIONAL DE LAS REPÚBLICAS AMEHICANA3. The need has long been felt in Mexico of manufacturing dynamite and explosives, principally those applicable to the mining industry. ule great mining development which the country has undergone during the last few years, and the large quantities of dynamite and explosives which are used in the numerous mines of Mexico, made absolutely necessary the establishment of one or more factories for the manu- facture of these products, which in supplying the mines would also furnish IJie requirements of the Government, and thus obviate the necessity of depending upon other countries for these articles, as hitherto. As will be seen, the production of silver in Mexico has increased in considerable proportions, and this will be better under- stood when it is known that the number of silver mines working in the country increases every day. This metal is found in several parts of the Republic, and its production will be considerable when the exploitation of mines is made on a large scale. provided they he national, or those which are reshipped or transshipped to a foreign country if of foreign origin; Alcohol denaturated according to the rules kid down by the Govern- ment. The penalty of forfeiture shall apply to: (a) Articles crossing in transît from one place to another in the Republic without the proper transit pass issued by tax-collecting company. Many rice grower.'* in the Department are thinking seriously of turn- ing their attention in part to this field in future. 139 done at lea, Ançon, and other places, is under the direction of ao American hydrologittt.

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We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. Near this power department three apparatuses for com- pressing the air have been erected for the purpose of raising the acids, etc. The same istrue concerning zinc, antimony, etc., there having been no exporte of these elements except in combination with other ores, and there are no smelters in the Republic which produce these producte in the pure or metallic state.