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However, custom widgets are free to build on any third-party API.

Other browser may work if based on a Trident, Gecko or Webkit engine. Other platforms can be supported by alternative RAP clients connecting to RAP's open protocol.

It supports advanced features such as Drag and Drop and drawing, and adds several web-specific features not found in SWT, like Markup Support.

With the JFace viewer framework, applications can easily provide access to millions of data entries through the use of virtual rendering and lazy loading.

It's built on an open protocol, so other clients can be connected. RAP uses standard servlet technology and runs on any JEE servlet container.

It integrates well with OSGi, but can also be used stand-alone.

For high-availability applications, load balancing and transparent session failover is supported. RAP applications are written in Java, and you have the full power of Eclipse's development tools at hand.

This includes a first-class UI designer and an acceptance testing tool suite available together with RAP 1.5. With RAP, you can re-use your code for different target platforms.

Example: Ann began washing dishes when noticed that the sink is leaking.

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